Компания 1500 астық тасымалдағыш және жабық вагондар паркімен әрекет жасайды

СTM is one of the largest software developers for railway logistics and foreign trade activities

For 20 years since the founding "СTM" has risen through the ranks from a small company to a large structure with regional offices and a dealer network covering the whole of Russia and the CIS countries. Today, СTM is one of the leaders in the specialized software development, the results of the company's work are marked with significant governmental and international awards.

СTM is an affiliate of the Organization for the Cooperation of Railways (OCR), an official member of the Eurasian Business Council and an associated member of the Coordinating Council for Trans-Siberian Transport (CCTT). The company's clients are the Federal Customs Service of Russia, the Federal Tariff Service, Russian Railways LLC and other large public and private entities. "СTM" software products are installed in more than 11 000 organizations in 37 countries of the world, and the total number of users exceeds 150 000.