Компания 1500 астық тасымалдағыш және жабық вагондар паркімен әрекет жасайды

Online service

One of the key moments when exporting grain products from Kazakhstan is logistics. It's no secret that when exporting grain, our exporters face with problems when a list of empty carriages numbers and up-to-date information on their approach to loading, the date of loading and unloading, the dislocation of loaded wagons, etc. are no available.

LOGSOFT offers its customers a unique type of service - an online service that allows the real-time monitoring of the status of their transportation and movement application.

For each client of LOGSOFT LLP, a personal account is opened on the company's website, where grain exporters can see constantly according to their application updated and up-to-date information on the list of wagons with the numbers, empty carriages, date of arrival at the loading station, dislocation of loaded wagons, cargo weight and the planned date of arrival at the unloading station.

For an access to the online service you need to become a customer of LOGSOFT, i.e. conclude an agreement on transport freight forwarding and after register on the website

All registered customers have the opportunity to promptly calculate rates for a particular cargo transportation in online mode on the online calculator developed by Logsoft Company.

All information on each client is confidential and reliably protected from unauthorized viewing.

We offer an efficient and prompt registration of wagons for our customers. Join now!