Компания 1500 астық тасымалдағыш және жабық вагондар паркімен әрекет жасайды

Complex of programs "Rail-Office"

The complex of programs "Rail-Office" - is intended for logistics specialists, freight forwarders, carriers, railway workers. The programs included in this complex will allow you to quickly find and print the necessary documents, calculate the freight charges and fill out various transport documents.

CTM Rail-Atlas

Unique collection of electronic railway maps of Russia, CIS and Baltic states, Finland, Mongolia, Iran and Poland

CTM Rail-Info

Electronic directory of laws and regulations applicable to rail cargo transportation in Russia, the CIS and Baltic states, Georgia and OSJD states

CTM Rail-Tariff

Automated calculation of railway freight rates in Russia, the CIS, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Georgia and Mongolia


Unique electronic directory of customs legislation of the Eurasian Economic Union containing an up-to-date database of laws and regulations governing the international trade


Auxiliary program for automatic updating via the Internet of software "CTM"